HatchFit PODCASTS #085 – IF For Mood And Depression, “Melting" From IF, Not Fasting Benefits, IBSD When Breaking The Fast, Atrantil Timing, And More!

#085 – IF For Mood And Depression, “Melting" From IF, Not Fasting Benefits, IBSD When Breaking The Fast, Atrantil Timing, And More!


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09:45 – PREP DISH Free Subscription! Get a free 2 week trial At Prepdish.com/ifpodcast! You’ll get weekly gluten-free and Paleo grocery and recipe lists!!
13:30 – BONAFIDE BONE BROTH: Go To BonafideProvisions.com And Use The Code IFBroth For 20% Off!!
15:50 – Listener Feedback: Michelle  – Everyone Should Not Be Fasting At Certain Times
25:20 – Listener Feedback: Libby  – Can You Take Atrantil During The Fast? Tips For Preventing IBSD After Fasting?
34:45 – Listener Feedback: Sabine  – Can IF Help Depression Due To Keto Effect?
48:30 – Listener Feedback: Elena  – Does IF Make You Melt? Can It Help Depression?


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