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10 & 2 Qs: What’s The Deal With Keto Flu?


Keto Flu can be a serious bummer.

Fatigue. Headache. Sugar cravings. Nausea. Irritability. Difficulty focusing (“brain fog”). Dizziness.

It is VERY common in keto, especially in the beginning when your body is transitioning from a high-carb (sugar burning) to low-carb (fat burning) diet.

But those symptoms can be something that stops you in your tracks and you stop keto before you ever really began.

The good news?

It’s pretty simple (and quick) to cure. Take a listen to this video to find out how.

Hint: Electrolytes are the #1 way to avoid keto flu completely. That’s why we (Tyler and Luis from Ketogains and me) created the first grab-and-go packets with all the electrolytes you need, and none of the crap you don’t.

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