HatchFit PODCASTS 135: What is Intuitive Eating? [Part II]

135: What is Intuitive Eating? [Part II]


I’m stepping outside the box again on this podcast episode and bringing you another solo recording. Before I recorded last week’s episode, I asked my Instagram followers what their questions were about intuitive eating. I got so many questions that I had to record a separate podcast to answer their questions.   Here are some of the questions about intuitive eating that this podcast explores: What to do if you’re bingeing even though you’re working on intuitive eating Tips for teaching teens intuitive eating How to shift from weight loss as your focus to wellbeing How to navigate IE with type I diabetes Where to begin when  you’re scared about trying this out Setpoint theory Raising IE kids What to do if you are told by a doctor to restrict certain foods or nutrients How to politely shut down diet talk How to get past guilt about cravings How to introduce the concept of IE to newbies What to do if you don’t have hunger cues How to get other people out of your head who have told you your worth is dependent on the way you look Why this is SO HARD Tips for mindfulness during the “free for all phase” Links mentioned: Buy the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch Join the waitlist for the 2019 Salt Lake City Body Image Resilience Group 10 days of Intuitive Eating Series on Instagram Check out the Positive Nutrition blog for more about intuitive eating Positive Nutrition 101 online course  Leave a review for the podcast here. Join the Nutrition Matters Podcast Community on FB. Donate to the podcast here.


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