41: How To Eat & Train For Hypertrophy w/ Brad Schoenfeld PhD


Brad Shoenfeld is on the show today and we’re chatting all about hypertrophy! Specifics include…   Where should you start? How much training volume should you do? What impacts training recovery? How much does training frequency matter? Best bang for your buck exercises Keto for hypertrophy Macronutrient ratios Meal frequency Body fat percentage for hypertrophy Body fat percentage for performance Brad’s current training & nutrition goals   Please share, subscribe & ENJOY! — Connect w/ Brad: Website – LookGreatNaked.com Brad’s Books – Amazon.ca Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter — Would you like to be coached by Marcus? Contact him HERE! Online Nutritional Coaching Online Workout Design Connect w/ Marcus: Facebook  |  Instagram  |   YouTube


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