42: AMA #2 – Travel Nutrition, Fasted Workouts, Exercise Motivation, Hunger Cues, Superfoods, Protein Supplements & Carbs At Night


Marcus is answering your questions on this Ask Me Anything Episode! Specifics include…  What and how are you eating while travelling? Have you taken anything positive away from getting as heavy as you did? What’s the best position to sleep in? Do you burn more fat working out fasted? Are they any specific foods or workouts you’d recommend for fat loss? Thoughts on liquid breakfasts for fat loss and muscle gain? How do I get rid of the fat on the back of my arms? How do you get your clients? How can I motivate myself to be more active? Why am I hungry at the same times each day? Do you eat superfoods? Which exercises tone, lift and firm your butt? What’s the best shoe to wear at the gym? What are the best protein supplements for women? Why do you like a lower carb breakfast and higher carb dinner? What’s your favourite supplement? Are supplements a waste of money?   Please share, subscribe & ENJOY! —   Would you like to be coached by Marcus? Contact him HERE! Online Nutritional Coaching Online Workout Design Connect w/ Marcus: Facebook  |  Instagram  |   YouTube


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