HatchFit Workout A Perfect Night? Chocolate Smoothies and the “Girl Power 10”

A Perfect Night? Chocolate Smoothies and the “Girl Power 10”


In just three weeks, these girls have stolen my heart.

They are both spunky and soft spoken. Bold and reserved. Confident and uncertain. Funny and serious. They are all of these things, depending on the moment or their mood.

They are all these things and more, because  they are young girls, and that’s just what happens when you’re finishing up elementary school or entering middle school.

This age is so precarious in so many ways. It is awkward and emotional. It can be exhilarating or heartbreaking, depending on how others treat us and most importantly how we think of ourselves.

Hormones, pimples, moods, braces, boys, friendship dramas and bullies. It’s all there in this big tornado called late childhood/adolescence.

I don’t miss my own. I didn’t really understand who I was or what I was called to do until probably age 30, if I am being honest.

Looking back, I wish an adult had taken time to empower me and show me what “girl power” is and means. I eventually figured it out, but the road was not always easy.

So for the last three weeks, with our Girl Power Summer Camp, we BA Fitness coaches have committed our afternoons to these girls in an effort to smooth their road a little bit.

We have cried more than we expected to, but we have also laughed so much with these girls. We see glimpses of our younger ourselves in them.

Girl Power. 

In so many ways, God has sent signals that this summer camp is part of our mission of building temples from the inside out.
Monday, when I asked the girls to think of someone they know who is brave, Kadin said “Trent.”  And my eyes stung with tears at the memory of Trent, her schoolmate who died over a year ago of cancer.

Yes, he was brave. Mia was also brave, talking in front of all the girls about how she has been bullied since second grade. “And now I am going into fifth grade.”

We talked about bullies and why they bully, and how to overcome them with our own confidence and demanding that we be treated as the valuable girls we are.

Girl Power. 

Not all of these girls felt very poetic when they walked in a few weeks ago, but every session there are signs we are reaching them.

What a blessing to be able to help, even in the smallest ways. They’re also having lots of fun!

Wednesday night, with our age 9-11 girls, we did the “Girl Power 10” exercise circuit twice. It was 10 reps each of:

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • V-sit pull ins
  • Frog hops
  • Lunge and lift right
  • Lunge and lift left
  • Spider planks
  • Tricep dips
  • Superstar jacks
  • Burpees

Then the girls created their own workout as a team, and this weekend they have to do the workout on their own at least once:

(Side note: I should have let them write this out since my handwriting is like as good as a 4-year-old!)

And THEN we made chocolate “Power Smoothies” with the chocolate Almond Breeze that Blue Diamond sent me to try out, plus our own trail mixes with healthy nuts, cereal and dried fruits.

The smoothies were a huge hit, and so easy to make. We mixed the almond milk, ripe bananas, fresh berries, Original Nuttzo and ice in the Vitamix, and voila!

Chocolate smoothie ‘staches and big smiles!

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. For more “Easy As Breeze” recipes made with five ingredients or less, visit Almond Breeze on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest.

Coming up: What’s girl power, anyway?! Plus, 5 best ways to enjoy Nuttzo…and a new circuit challenge!

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