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Episode 426 – Q&A with Robb and Nicki #19

[ad_1] We’re back with Episode 426, Q&A #19, answering some of your questions! Submit your own questions for the podcast at: If you want to see the video for this podcast, be sure to check out our YouTube channel. Show Notes:   1. Arterial Plaque Buildup Christian says: Hi Robb and Nicki! I was […]

10 & 2 Q: Workout Recovery: Sauna vs Ice Bath

[ad_1] Do you DREAD ice baths but power through in the sake of recovery? Or maybe you’ve considered doing them but are too scared to dip your little toe in a tub as cold as Antarctica… In this week’s 10 and 2 Q I go into the research on hydrotherapy for training recovery. As well […]

A Counterman review from a man with high standards

[ad_1] My best bearded friend — and a skincare skeptic — tried Counterman, the men’s skin and beard care line from Beautycounter. Here’s what he thought! I’ve got Christian back for another post! (Psssst – he’s going to be sticking around as a regular contributor…more on that soon!!!) You can see his previous posts on […]

Recent Outfits Round-up!

[ad_1] In the past six weeks, I was in North Carolina, Phoenix, Utah and Boston – so I’ve got quite the range of outfits for different temperatures! Spring y’all. It’s been a while since I had an outfit roundup, so this post is chock full. I linked all the items below each photo, so you […]

I tried 5 natural deodorants — here’s what stunk (and what didn’t!)

[ad_1] I trained for the Boston Marathon while using a natural deodorant. Here’s how it went. I’ve been on the clean skincare and makeup train for a while but deodorant is one of those things that took me a while to switch to safer. Why? BECAUSE I SWEAT. You know how some people just don’t […]

Episode 425 – Q&A with Robb and Nicki #18

[ad_1] We’re at it again with Episode 425, Q&A #18! If you want to see the video for this podcast, be sure to check out our YouTube channel. Show Notes: 1. [1:47] How To Fuel For Overtraining Patrick says: Hi Robb, I have a question for you about how to best balance the three main […]

A registered dietitian analyzed my diet during marathon training. Here’s what he found.

[ad_1] I’ve run over 50 races, including two Boston Marathons, and thought my nutrition was pretty solid considering how clean I eat. But I was surprised at what a registered dietician had to say about my marathon training diet eats. One of my best friends, Christian, is a registered dietitian and also getting his doctorate […]

8 Essential Stretches For Walkers

[ad_1] There are a lot of sources that say walking is the number one form of exercise around the world. In fact, with the modern day fitness tracker, it’s rare to find something who isn’t counting their steps! And it makes sense: walking is one of the most simple, effective and convenient ways to get […]

27 No Sweat Ideas to Get You Moving

[ad_1] I hear you. You don’t have time to workout every day.  Life is busy and I get it. Listen, I don’t workout every day. I do take an occasional rest day, but I’m always conscious to move whenever I get the opportunity.  No, every workout does not have to be a sweat session. Simply […]

Your 7-Day Whole 30 Meal Plan

[ad_1] The Whole 30 Program has become popular in recent years as the latest diet on the market. And while we don’t advocate for any certain diet here at Get Healthy U, we are all about eating real food which is one of the Whole 30s biggest components. So if you’re already on the Whole […]