HatchFit Workout Classic Physique Competitor Dani Younan's Go-to Shoulder Exercises

Classic Physique Competitor Dani Younan's Go-to Shoulder Exercises


If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box delt routine, don’t ask Dani Younan. The 5’8″, 195-pound Californian’s impressive delt development stems from his “basic is best” mantra. He’s amassed two IFBB Pro League classic physique wins and a sixth-place showing at
the Arnold Classic and Olympia. Here, he shares his once-a-week routine. It’s nothing special, but, after totaling 32 working sets, it does the damn job.


Younan will sub in other similar moves for the ones listed below as he sees fit. The main key is to do at least two exercises for each head of the deltoid in each workout to maximize the blood flow to the muscle. “I believe this is how you get full, rounded shoulder development,” he says.


While many people start their workout with a press, Younan gravitates to a rear-delt move. “For some reason, it helps me get a better overall pump, pushing blood into the posterior delt right at the beginning,” he says. He’ll do one warmup set and then four sets of 12 to 15 reps before failure (on rear delts and all other exercises), “no matter how heavy I go,” he says.


Although he likes a straightforward, no-frills approach to his workouts, Younan does employ a few intensity techniques to push his delts to failure. “If I’m with a training partner, we always add forced reps to the end of a few sets, but if I’m alone I’ll mainly pair exercises into supersets and do them until failure. I like doing that at least every other workout or whenever my energy levels are low, since it shortens the length of the workout.”


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