HatchFit PODCASTS Ep. 056: Intersectional Fitness with Chrissy King

Ep. 056: Intersectional Fitness with Chrissy King


Chrissy King is a Milwaukee-based ISSA certified personal trainer and fitness blogger. Chrissy first stepped into a gym eight years ago with a weight loss goal. But she was soon introduced to strength training, and realized that this fitness modality brought her a sense of confidence and inner strength that was completely independent of her weight…and of any results. She fell in love with the process. Now, she guides clients through strength training and creating a sustainable fitness routine that they can genuinely enjoy. She also created a webinar titled “Diversity and Inclusion 101: Taking an Intersectional Approach to Wellness,” which covers special considerations for creating safe, diverse, and inclusive wellness spaces. Further, she regularly updates a blog, where she discusses diversity, inclusion, and intersectional feminism in the fitness industry. In this episode we talk about: How “body love” is complicated by the culture we live in. How to hold space for the desire to lose weight without letting it control your fitness journey. Why it’s OK for fitness professionals to talk about social justice. Resources Jessi’s Intuitive Eating Audio Guide The Nutrition & Body Image Coaching Course Chrissy’s Webinar – Diversity and Inclusion 101 Chrissy’s Most Popular Blogs: Trainers and Fitness Pros Can’t Help People of Color While Remaining Silent About Racism Words That Don’t Belong to Us: Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Using the Word Savage Everyday Racism in the Fitness World and Beyond


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