Ep. 057: Creating a Weight Inclusive Space with Lisa Du Brueil


In this episode I talk to Lisa Du Breuil, a therapist specializing in binge eating disorder and substance use disorders. Lisa is a Health at Every Size practitioner with a private practice in Salem, MA. In this episode we talked about How the Health at Every Size paradigm aided in Lisa’s own eating disorder recovery. Her work as a therapist with co-occurring eating disorder and substance use disorders. How to work with (ALL) clients from a HAES perspective. How to make your office space (or any place of work) more inclusive to all body sizes. Resources: Jessi’s Intuitive Eating Audio Guide Nutrition & Body Image Coaching Skills for Personal Trainers Lisa Du Breuil’s Website Flash Series Hercules Chairs (there’s quite a few options so best to search “Hercules Chairs” in Amazon to see all results).


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