HatchFit PODCASTS Episode 116 – Robert Sikes is Savage, Ketosavage

Episode 116 – Robert Sikes is Savage, Ketosavage


Today we have a return guest. The one and only Ketosavage Robert “Sykes” Sikes joins us and discusses some of his most recent experiences in pushing himself physically. From doing a no-training marathon to eating 6000 calories daily for 6 months he’s challenging the limits. Not only that but he’s also operating and expanding his KetoBricks which have been selling like hotcakes! You do not want to miss this weeks episode.
Fascinating Facts
Danny – Sonya Thomas, the competitive eater, holds more than 20 competitive eating records. She’s once ate of 8.3 pounds of Vienna sausages in 10 minutes for one of her records.
Brian – Poison Ivy is a member of the pistachios and cashew family. If you are allergic to the poison ivy plant you might want to avoid those nuts just in case you are also allergic to those.
Robert – Armadillos have 4 offspring at a time. They are always all one gender. They are always 2 pairs of clones(not twins).
Alternate Batman pic:
Contact links:
Website: http://ketosavage.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ketosavage/
Ketobrick Website: https://www.ketobrick.com/
Ketobrick Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ketobrick/
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