HatchFit PODCASTS Episode 126 – Weight Loss Series Pt. 5

Episode 126 – Weight Loss Series Pt. 5


Today Brian and Danny continue their discussion about fat loss. Specifically, they zoom in on some of the primary micronutrients that we require and the effects they have. They also take the time to outline some of the natural sources ketogenic sources for those micronutrients that you can incorporate to make sure you are able to optimize your micronutrient balance.
Fascinating Facts:
Danny – Facts about the Saturn V Rocket

It was 363 ft tall – 6.5 million pounds when fully fueled
Had 3 stages
5 massive F1 Rocket engines produced 7,500,000 pounds of thrust, the equivalent to 30 747 jumbo jets

Brian –

The Puritans brought beer to America because it could be stored for a long time and in the winter was more available when fresh waters froze over.
In Puritan society any child over 16 years of age, if convicted of cursing at their parents, they could be sentenced to death
Same was true if they were convicted of being stubborn or rebellious

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