HatchFit PODCASTS Episode #198: Minimal Shoes: What Are Your Shoes Hiding?

Episode #198: Minimal Shoes: What Are Your Shoes Hiding?


Joining us today is Steven Sashen of XERO Shoes. XERO Shoes are meant to let your foot move naturally, providing protection, support, and comfort, while giving the advantages of being barefoot. Why would you want to be barefoot? There are some big advantages for training. Being in traditional, thick, padded shoes can really prevent you from being aware of issues with the way you run. The brain loses stimulation that it would otherwise have if the different parts of your foot weren’t just crammed into a thick shoe. In fact, Debbie says she would like if people could run barefoot to be able to evaluate what’s going on. Since that’s not really practical, XERO has filled an important role. In this episode we’ll talk all about natural running and minimalist shoes. Check out XERO Shoes by clicking here: https://xeroshoes.com/go/thewholeathlete


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