HatchFit PODCASTS Episode #200: Measure Your Run Power with STRYD

Episode #200: Measure Your Run Power with STRYD


Our guest today is Angus Nelson, co-founder of Stryd Power. He’s here to talk about something we all want: to get faster at running. As we get older, we want to train a bit differently and perhaps smarter. New technology such as Stryd Power can help us achieve that. Angus begins by talking about how Stryd Power was created because of triathletes expressing that power is the best metric to quantify athletic performances. He then educates us about how exactly Stryd Power measures power when running. We hear about the information that Stryd Power is able to provide, with Angus describing how to use this information and how it is all interrelated. He provides data that he got from his own race an example and explains why this device can help you improve your performance. https://www.stryd.com/


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