HatchFit Workout Food Prep Diaries and 10,000 meters

Food Prep Diaries and 10,000 meters


Oh my goodness. Sleeping for more than 12 hours Sunday felt glorious after the horrible airport sleepover in Dallas!

It also told me my body really needed those extra hours. Sir Burpee slept just as long, meaning his sleepover at Perky Petz was just as much of a whirlwind – though far more fun than mine!

I heard an NPR piece recently about sleep research, and one thing caught my attention: A study in which subjects were limited to five hours of sleep for 5 days straight resulted in ALL of their glucose levels measuring as prediabetic!

It’s amazing how important sleep is to regulating our hunger hormones and energy levels, yet it’s the first thing we often sacrifice.

This week I am focused on giving myself sleep – 7 hours a night or more!  Last night I got a solid 8. Boom.

After I woke from my slumber Sunday, I felt refreshed and ready for a workout! I’ve been reading this book  “The Boys in the Boat” that I picked up from the Dallas airport and it is seriously riveting.

I love true stories of human feats of fitness and competition, and I love rowing. This book has all that wrapped into one. With passages like this:

“And that is perhaps the first and most fundamental thing that all novice oarsman must learn about competitive rowing in the upper echelons of the sport: that pain is part and parcel of the deal. It’s not a question of whether you will hurt, or of how much you will hurt; it’s a question of what you will do, and how well you will do it, while pain has her wanton way with you.” 

Wow. I was so pumped up after reading that, I went to the studio Sunday morning and rowed 10,000 meters with the lights dimmed and gospel music blaring. Church on a boat.

Did it hurt? Yes, at times. Did I want to quit at 6,000 meters or so? Yes. But did it feel glorious to see that console reach 10,000? YES. The work makes the finish line so much more awesome! And few sports play that out like rowing, a full body ordeal that really tests your will and mettle.

Later on, I went to real church for Mass and brought along Sir Burpee. He sat in his little carrier and didn’t say a peep, and seemed to love all the music. He is so well behaved whenever we go anywhere, I can hardly believe it sometimes.

In between rowing and church, there was some Sunday food prep. Here’s what I ended up with, and will be doing one more new egg casserole tonight:

  • Grilled turkey burgers from Trader Joe’s
  • Baked homemade bison breakfast sausages
  • Sautéed some chopped veggies (2 containers) in coconut oil and sea salt from Trader Joe’s
  • Made tuna salad with the Avocado Salsa from Trader Joe’s
  • Hard boiled a dozen eggs for the week
  • Roasted sweet savory Sweet potatoes (Hannah yams, technically) with bacon, sea salt and cinnamon

  • Made a random but really tasty big batch of stir fry using broccoli slaw (2 bags) from Trader Joe’s, sesame and coconut oil, coconut aminos, a few tablespoons of Nuttzo peanut free, and a pound of ground bison from Tropical Traditions (I buy it in bulk)

I basically made it up as I went along but it turned out great. That’s the case with just about any stir-fry!

In between all that, I filled orders for red, white and blue Cavegirl Bakes orders for this July 4 week!

So it was a productive weekend in spite of my travel fiasco! What was on your food prep list this weekend?

Coming up: A couple of July 4-themed cycle and strength workouts to try!

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