HatchFit Workout Gourmet Dinner by Walmart, Workouts by MacGyver

Gourmet Dinner by Walmart, Workouts by MacGyver


This gourmet salad was created at Walmart:

No, really. It came from the land of the bargain socks and “buy 1 get 9” whatever’s.

Starting with all this:

I tossed it together in the kitchenette of my Homewood Suites hotel room Friday night in Lafayette, Louisiana – practicing what I preach to students and clients about making the best choice available even even when none of the choices are exactly ideal.

Soon after flying into Lafayette – an airport even smaller than Tallahassee’s, which I didn’t think possible – I realized my healthy good choices here in the thick of Cajun country are pretty slim to none.

And I am here for a couple of days to train up new IndoRow and Shockwave coaches, so healthy food is a priority. Operation Shredded-worthy food.

Walmart was the closest thing to a grocery store as I could find. So off I went Friday night, foraging for dinner.

(Yeah, I know, you’re jealous of my glamorous exciting Friday night! It’s ok;)….)

And actually, I managed to put together a salad that was quite tasty. I took one of those Dole chopped salad kits (skipped the wontons and used 1/3 of the dressing packet) and tossed it with cherry tomatoes and rotisserie chicken, with a little spicy guacamole on top.

Totally tasty!

And for the rest of this weekend I have berries, baby carrots and more guacamole, a sweet potato and almond butter, leftover chicken and another bag of the chopped salad mix. Plus the Quest bars, Paleo Protein Bars and KIND bars I always pack along with Advocare meal shakes.

Even in the middle of nowhere with very few “tools,” we can make something from nothing.

Did you ever watch that TV show MacGyver? He would take like a matchbook and a sock and turn it into a bomb!

It’s like that, kinda.

My trainer is like that, kinda really. Brandon has been the head coach of this Operation Shredded thing, and I have loved all our sessions so far. Eight already! Time flies!

Every session I get pushed harder than I think I can handle, and already I feel stronger. Last week a co-worker said “Your arms have more definition” so I call that progress!

I mean, who knew a body bar and the lat pull down machine seat could be used for core and hamstrings?!

Then last week we did these crazy squat plyo things – holding the Smit machine bar forces a lower squat and activates the quads a lot more than doing these without. Plus he made me do 60 seconds at a time, 4 rounds in between other torture, I mean exercises.


Friday’s workout before I hit the airport for Louisiana was a 5 am killer!

  • 10-count Tricep slide dips/skull crush ladder
  • push-ups
  • weighted step-ups
  • single-double DB flys
  • single leg 110-lb glute press
  • 110-lb push-downs
  • cable flys
  • weighted frog jump squats
  • football drill plate slide sprints finale

This morning before leading the IndoRow certification with this amazing crew….

I squeezed in a short workout that included tricep dips, dumbbell curls, pikes and pushups on the stability ball.

Doing my best to stay focused on the goals and just roll with the traveling master trainer punches! How do you stay on top of your goals when traveling?

I am always looking for tips and inspiration!


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