HatchFit Workout “I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am the best.”

“I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am the best.”


Ladies reading this: If I asked you to declare what your “Girl Power” is, what would the answer be? Would it be this:

Four weeks ago, this would not have been the answer from most of the girls attending our inaugural Girl Power Summer Camp.

Many came in having been bullied in school, or shy, or uncertain about themselves. Our aim with this camp was to build them up, from the inside out, with both fitness and character building lessons rooted in faith and kindness. To arm them for the upcoming school year with humble confidence and inner strength.

Building temples. Do unto others.

When you talk to little ones, it’s hard to know sometimes if they are listening. But Monday night, in our second to last camp session with the elementary school group, we got signs that they are very much listening and growing.

The theme this week is “Believe.” In ourselves. In Him. In our teammates and friends. We asked these girls to row hard and far, and to do Burpees and push-ups and all sorts of other exercise challenges – and to believe that they could keep going. Which they did.

A reporter and photographer from ESPNW were even there to capture it all for an upcoming story.

But the most powerful moments were the quiet ones. I asked the girls to write on a piece of paper their “Super Secret Girl Power,” just between us coaches and each of them. Their  answers were so simple but so powerful. (I am hiding the names on purpose because I promised them).


I saw these self professed attributes and knew that we had reached them. Even in this short span of time.

Then Peyton surprised me with this painting for the studio – with one of the best Bible verses! – and asked me to be her Girls on the Run running buddy (yay!).

I share all of this as encouragement to keep building up the girls in your life. They NEED it. It’s easy to do nothing and just use the excuse “oh, one person can’t make a difference so why bother?”

This camp has proven otherwise. Sure, these are just 16 girls. Some we reached more than others. But imagine if each of us could just reach one girl who needs it, and build her up.

Imagine how amazing the world could be. Full of Girl Power and all that comes with it.


The girl who wrote that she is kind and smart and the best has been bullied since second grade. This year, she enters fifth grade.

And I have a feeling those bullies don’t stand a chance. She knows how powerful she is, what she can do with Him under her wings.

And we are so very grateful to have played even the smallest role in that.

Bring on next summer!! The BA coaches cannot wait!

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