HatchFit Workout IDEA World Bound: Not the glam life, but the blessed life

IDEA World Bound: Not the glam life, but the blessed life


“Not the glam life, but the best life. Not the glam life, but the best life. The blessed life.”

As I sat in the Dallas airport earlier today waiting – AGAIN – for a delayed takeoff, that mantra was repeating itself inside my head. Tammy, aka GingerMantra, and I were headed to Los Angeles for the IDEA World conference and BlogFest, and I am also doing Expo demos of Tabata Bootcamp and helping Mindy Mylrea and team with the booth.

As of 10 am, the trip was frustrating, to say the least. And not just because we had to be up even earlier than normal for our 6 am flight…

Once we landed in Dallas, they changed our plane and hence had to reassign every passenger’s seat, plus reduce the passenger list by 30 people. Yeah, cluster.

“Not the glam life, but the best life. Not the glam life, but the best life. The blessed life.”

I have blogged recently about the adventures of being a master trainer – a title that sounds far more glamorous than reality. Unless you consider three-star hotel rooms, dinner from Walmart, and sleeping on the floor of airports at 3 am to be glamorous.

Yet, I would not trade the opportunity for anything. Because for every rude passenger or crappy food choice that greets me on these training assignments, there are people like Noelle.

Noelle is why this is the best life, the blessed life.

This is Noelle:

This past weekend, I trained up her and 12 others from Fusion Fit in Lafayette, Louisiana. Saturday was IndoRow and Sunday was Shockwave. Right before we did our first Shockwave class of the day, I overheard Noelle saying, “I am so scare of this class. I have never been scared like this before.”

Shockwave is HIGH intensity, so it can be unnerving for anyone who hasn’t done it before. But by the time we finished, I gave her the MVP award – and not just because she pulled 100 meters in 16 seconds, a crazy-good time! I gave it to Noelle because she pushed through her fear and by the time we were midway through class, she was one of the loudest and most enthusiastic team members – cheering on everyone and never wavering in her determination.

I knew she had accomplished something in that class, but didn’t fully appreciate just how much until I handed her the MVP bracelet, and she started to cry. I think I must have looked confused for a second, because Fusion Fit owner Gwen piped up: “You haven’t heard her whole story. She has lost over 60 pounds since coming here.”


THAT is when I knew why Noelle cried those happy tears. Think of how far she had come in her journey already, probably more than she thought possible. That moment is also when I could hear God talking – reminding me that no matter the hassles of air travel or unfamiliar cities and terrain or technology snafus, they are ALL worth it for every Noelle out there.

For the same reasons that running the BA Fitness studio is worth every moment of stress because of all the people we coaches can touch, being a master trainer is that times 1,000.

It’s easy to look at this fitness thing and call it “just fitness,” “just exercise.” But as a coach, we get to help people in a tangible and potentially life-changing way every single class. As a master trainer, I get to train up dozens and dozens of coaches to go out and do the same. It’s the multiplier effect – so many lives improved and made healthier.

Coaches made stronger, students made more confident, pounds lost, muscle gained. Joy delivered.

So as Tammy and I head to IDEA World, an hour or two behind schedule and tired from this long travel day, I am nothing but grateful for this career and this not so glamorous life.

Doing unto others is all the “glam” I need.



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