Is Celery Juice the Fyre Festival of Wellness?


Aleen and Sami are joined once again by DST’s resident dietician and friend of the show, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. At 5:45 they discuss how this viral celery juice trend got started. What the f*ck is a “medical medium” and why tf is he telling us to drink celery? At 20:30 they explain what orthorexia is and why it’s a huge problem. They talk about the Weight Watchers freestyle diet and Aleen shares her fear of unlimited portions. At 40:30 it’s time for “Non-Scale Wins of the Week,” a chance to brag about anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with numbers on a scale. At 48:45 they respond to listener questions, explaining hunger hormones and why sometimes you just can’t seem to get full. At 57:30 they conclude with a conversation about the relationship between diet, brain function and your period.


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