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Keto Testimonial: Regaining My Health When All Hope Was Lost



Hello Everyone, my name is Adam, and earlier this year I sent a thank you letter to Robb, Nicki, and their team explaining how much the Keto Masterclass is helping me become a healthier, stronger individual. This led to the rewarding opportunity to thank Robb in person and share more details of my health journey. As we talked, we realized that it might be nice to share an update with everyone, so I offered to write a follow-up to my initial letter on how keto is going so far.

At first, I was excited to further share my story with you, but as time went on, it became more and more difficult to write. Most of you would probably agree that health issues can be very personal, whether it’s a matter of being overweight, diabetic, dealing with depression, and so on. Keep in mind, my initial thank you was a letter, not a testimonial, to Robb and his team that I almost didn’t send because of its personal nature.


Saying thank you to the Keto Masterclass team is one thing, trying to convey the importance and sincerity that went into making this program to help those who are struggling with their health is something entirely different. I’m going to do my best to show that I have been where many of you may be right now and how robbwolf.com became one of the best resources for reclaiming my health.


Well, I woke up one morning and BAM!, I weighed 257 lbs. OK, it might not have happened exactly like that, but the realization that something had to be done did. This realization came in many forms, but the scariest was waking up in the middle of the night because I would stop breathing. This not only occurred often, but I even had to have surgery on my nose to open the airway. I apparently had a deviated septum and was told this surgery would help me breathe better as I slept. Without getting into major detail, I did need the surgery. Being as heavy as I was though, I would still wake up on occasion from not breathing. This was a sure sign that the weight had to come off.

The Keto Masterclass takes what you eat very seriously, and you WILL get healthier

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because only you know what is happening with your body. If losing weight is your motivator right now to get healthy, then I say, “Go for it!” Inevitably, someone is going to tell you that it shouldn’t be about weight loss but about becoming a healthy individual and accepting yourself for who you are. Truth be told, they would be right; but, I assure you that I feel much better at my current weight of 186 lbs than my previous weight. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting to shed that unwanted fat. The Keto Masterclass takes what you eat very seriously, and you WILL get healthier, which will help you to feel better about yourself, if you follow the steps laid out in the course.


My journey from 257 down to 215 was a long and difficult road. Books, blogposts, podcasts, videos, you name it I consumed it.



Point system-check

My favorite strategy was to train like a professional athlete, eat portioned meals, and then get a cheat day. I didn’t know it then, but there were a couple of flaws with this system. First, I wasn’t a pro athlete. I felt my training was good, but let’s be honest, “professional” I was not. Second, eating portioned meals was fine until nighttime. Remember, I was training like a pro (don’t laugh) so by the time dinner rolled around, I was so hungry and would crave to the point of being in pain. It’s hard to describe how sugar cravings feel. It’s not true physical pain. It’s more like having a tight fist that occurs in the mind that won’t release.

I had a couple of choices. I could be miserable most of the night and go to bed stressed out, or I could find something sugary to eat. You can probably guess what choice I made time and time again. Admittedly, this system had something I really loved—CHEAT DAY! It was more like a cheat meal, but you would be surprised what I could eat in one sitting. The following days after a cheat meal were miserable. I would feel lethargic, sad, angry, and unmotivated to do anything of value. I began to accept that even with all this dietary knowledge, I was going to fail no matter what. Fate had dealt me this genetic hand.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that these numerous so-called diets that I tried over the years had put an extreme amount of stress on my mind and body, the opposite of being healthy.


I don’t know if it’s tenacity or just plain stubbornness, but I wasn’t ready to quit. As I mentioned in my initial letter, I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was able to bring it down during high school, but I ballooned back up to 225 during my twenties, reached a peak of 257 in my thirties, and was once again able to bring it down to 215 in my forties.

I don’t exactly remember how I came across The Paleo Solution Podcast, but it became one of my go-to resources for healthy living. It’s mind-boggling how much information Robb has presented over the years. His podcasts and blogposts were and are major players for my health studies. I bring this up for one important fact. Robb has a saying that may seem like a no-brainer on the surface but has a much deeper meaning:


For a person who has a healthy relationship with food, this may seem obvious. Heck, for a sugar addict like me, it WAS obvious. Yet, those 3 words had a huge impact on my thinking only when I finally reached the point of seriously absorbing what he was saying. First, every time I grabbed a sugary snack, I knew I had to keep fighting if I was to ever regain my health. Second, if you’ve been following Robb for any length of time, you know he means it. Seriously! Eat real food, gain your health, and help others.


I started to look at a keto lifestyle because of the low carb approach. I needed a way to get rid of the sugar cravings that seemed to plague me every day and keto seemed like the right answer. Unfortunately, the Keto Masterclass hadn’t been created yet, but I felt I had done some solid research and was ready to give it a go. When I say research, I don’t mean going on the internet, watching a few videos, and hoping for the best. There are reputable people out there trying to get everyone to understand why eating too much sugar and processed foods may be harmful to our well-being.

My original keto plan was simple and consisted of eating real food. I was able to easily get my weight down to a solid 215. The only problem was, the cravings never went away. Day in and day out, I couldn’t get rid of that feeling of the clenched fist in my mind. To make matters worse, the weight loss stopped. After a year and a half of trying, it hit me—I had failed once again. I was going to be stuck in this prison of an overweight body for the rest of my life.


To be completely honest with you, when it was first released, I didn’t purchase the Keto Masterclass to lose weight. I purchased it because I thought Robb deserved some type of payment for all the free information he has provided over the years. Even though my weight had stalled, I began to put more focus on my sleep, how I managed stress, and making sure I did some type of movement exercise–all things that Robb spotlights on his podcasts, blogs, and other media. You name it and I am sure Robb has covered it in one form or another.

By this time, I truly believed I was genetically stuck with an overweight body.

Little did I know that life was about to deal me a hand I wasn’t expecting. Spending money on the program was the easy part; deciding to follow the process Robb and his team laid out was not quite as simple. By this time, I truly believed I was genetically stuck with an overweight body. Mentally I had been beaten down. I even feared to push myself with workouts because it might kick off a craving binge. Going through the emotional ups and down for days brought on by bad food was and is not fun–NOT FUN AT ALL!

Being an instructor, I know the importance of having patience. Many things in life that are worth achieving take time. As I worked through the program, you can imagine my surprise when the intense cravings I had for decades disappeared in a matter of days—not months or weeks, but days! It was as if a switch had been turned off in my mind and I was finally free.

Admittedly, I was reluctant to workout for fear of flipping that switch back on. As I eased myself back into exercising, I discovered that I was able to push myself without triggering a food binge. Weight came off with ease and I was growing stronger every week, something I’ve been wanting to accomplish for over 20 years. Understand, I still have a long way to go, but I feel that I have climbed that unscalable mountain and am ready for the next challenge.


I don’t know where you are at in your life. Maybe you struggle with weight, sadness, or just an all-around feeling of being unhealthy. Possibly, you may even feel like I did—like a failure for not getting your food under control, which leads to all the countless emotions we likely all wish didn’t exist. If this is the case, let me give you some words of encouragement… “The answer is out there, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!

I BELIEVE that the Keto Masterclass is the best tool there is for getting fit and building confidence. Much work and effort has been put into not just the food, but mindset, social situations, stress management, and more.

I BELIEVE that the Keto Masterclass is the best tool there is for getting fit and building confidence.

There are many facets one needs to learn to become a strong, healthy person and the class does a great job of prepping you in each area. This is not some rigid, boring program. The course puts you in the driver’s seat for regaining your health.

It is…


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