HatchFit Workout Making This Year Your Year to Compete

Making This Year Your Year to Compete


By teaming up with others we can achieve our potential, learn from one another, and build upon the skills we share.

Recently I was inspired by one of my clients, Jovanni. He had originally had a goal to lose weight and maintain his health, but after a three month program of about three sessions per week Jovanni hit a personal record of 143.2kg (about 315lbs) on his back squat, 61.4 kg (135lbs) on his overhead press, and 111.4 kg (245lbs) on his deadlift. Enthused by his progress, he expressed his desire compete in USA Weightlifting. In a bustling gym, I gave him a hug and lifted him off his feet. He’d been battling high blood pressure and type II diabetes before meeting me.

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