HatchFit Workout Master Trainer Travel Diaries: 3 Airports, 5 Things To Love

Master Trainer Travel Diaries: 3 Airports, 5 Things To Love


Does anyone need anything in or near Nashville?! Because I would happily return to the Nashville airport any day.

I am quickly learning amid my master trainer travels that some airports are just better than others. And Nashville tops the list, to date. Right behind it are the Charlotte airport and Dallas, for a few reasons.

I thought I’d share, because when I land in a new or somewhat unfamiliar airport, it’s frustrating not knowing which terminals have the best food options, how best to pass the time if there is a delay, etc. Hopefully this guide helps ease some of that frustration, the next time you land here.

So here ya go:

5 Things to Love at 3 Airports!

1. The live music in Nashville’s airport. Not cheesy grade C live music. On a recent Sunday flight from “Music City”, the music inside one of the many hoppin’ eateries was unplugged and really good. I found lunch ( kale salad!) and some great snacks at a healthy Parisian themed deli next door and just sat for awhile enjoying the laid back atmosphere – a direct result of the live music and the craft beer carts.

2. The shopping options inside Dallas’s airport. On my recent nightmare of a delay in Dallas, there were a few highlights including the European clothing kiosk in Terminal D where they sold super cute and affordable dresses like this one. They also have Brooks Brothers and other great stores, often with sweet deals. It was the only good memento from that “trip to nowhere“!

3. The Catholic mass and other church offerings in Charlotte’s airport. I never thought I would be able to attend Sunday Mass during a layover, but the Charlotte airport has services for various denominations all throughout Sunday morning. Very cool.

4. Salsarita’s in Charlotte airport. Kinda like a Moe’s or Chipotle, this spot inside Terminal E is my go-to for building a healthy and flavor-, protein-packed salad while traveling. I do chicken or ground beef and top it with tons of veggies and guac, hold the cheese and sour cream. Healthy, filling and fast!

5. The Minute Suites inside Dallas’ Terminal D. Ohhhh if ever you realize you have a really long delay or flight problem, hurry over to the international terminal to rent a suite before they are gone! For a couple of hours or 8, you can rent these suites for a nap or all nighter! The couch is comfy and pulls out to a bed. They even have hot shower facilities. When the airport becomes weather chaos and all the hotels are booked, this is a Godsend!

My last attempt to get to a Shockwave training in Texas landed me in those suites for a few hours, so I am praying for smoother flying this weekend when I try one more time to get to Lubbock by way of Dallas!

What’s your favorite airport, and why??!

Coming up: Lessons in Girl Power as we wrap up our summer camp!

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