HatchFit Workout ‘Merica in the Dark: Summer StormPocalypse

‘Merica in the Dark: Summer StormPocalypse


The worst storms are the ones that come completely unannounced, full throttle, with a quick and brutal kick of power that knocks us on our badasses.

True in Florida during these summer months. True in life as well.

So it went here in Tallahassee Tuesday, when a trio of storms blew through and toppled trees onto cars and roadways, delivered fiery lightning strikes and left thousands without power (many still don’t have any…).

Thanks to two big storms earlier in the day, this was the scene across town already Tuesday night when students started coming to the studio for Butts, Guts & Guns class.

Then, just as we started to get our Dumbbells and other equipment, the air changed, the winds picked up and poof! Buh bye power, hello sideways rain!

So of course we stayed and powered through the class, powerless. No AC, no fans. Just the glow of the emergency exit lights and waning light from outside.

Hey, it was that or all of us go home and sit in the dark on the couch!

Here was the workout, July 4 week theme in full effect: Because… ‘Merica!!!

Each exercise was done with Tabata timing, 8 rounds per exercise. And in between, 1 minute each of planks and wall sits.

This took exactly 45 minutes and today my shoulders and glutes are cursing. So try it!

‘M (an makers)

E (levate that booty!)

R (ow, Dumbbells)

I (n and out squats)

C (ycles, as in bicycle crunch)

A (tomic Gliding push-ups)

This morning, in Cycle/TRX, we pedaled to a fun ‘Merica playlist (Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Lenny Kravitz ‘American Woman,’ Madonna ‘I Love New York,’ etc.) and then powered through this TRX ‘Red, White and Blue’ circuit. This was sixty seconds of each exercise, including a total of three minutes of pull-ups.

Ouch. But hurts so good!

What are your July 4 plans? Mine involve pooltime, puppy time, a couple of workouts but also LOTS of rest!

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