HatchFit Workout Thumbs up, thumbs down: Lessons from an airport sleepover

Thumbs up, thumbs down: Lessons from an airport sleepover


I should have known this weekend’s planned trip to Lubbock, Texas was going to crumble into a comedy of errors when we were 30 minutes late leaving Tallahassee because “the plane is overweight, folks,” as the captain told us.

The irony of the plane being overweight as I headed to a fitness training, right?!

There was another delay when we landed for the layover in Dallas because “we can’t find someone to open the jet bridge for us,” and suddenly I had missed the connection to Lubbock.

Then came the mother of all summer storms, and basically the airport shut down as I was getting an “I am bored and have four hours until the next Lubbock flight” pedicure.

Before I knew it, after multiple delays, the clock said 2:30 am and there were no hotels, no flights out. Mine was among dozens cancelled. My luggage was who knows where, and even the napping suites were full:

Sad face. Actually, I wanted to cry. Extreme fatigue will do that!  I found a random corner stocked with massage chairs from the nearby salon…

But I ended up on the floor where  sleep did not happen. I ended up getting a few hours in the napping suite when one opened at 6 am, but basically the whole experience was a big thumbs DOWN.

I never even made it to Lubbock for the training.  Yet if we let life’s thumbs down bring us down, we’d all be super depressed all the time, no?

So amid ALL those ridiculous downers, I had to find some thumbs UP. I had to find some happy lessons from this weekend, or lose my sanity!

For whatever reason, God didn’t want me in Lubbock today doing a Shockwave training. That will be rescheduled for August. So I have to just trust it and go with His flow.

Easier said than done in some moments. (Like at 3:16 am when tired babies are throwing tantrums and the really loud floor sweeper is roaming the floors near your random sleeping corner…)

BUT really, the alternative is a life of sour puss face. Better to smile, even just a little, and move on.

Starbucks in hand of course!

So here are my thumbs up lessons:

1. Don’t leave your Advocare meal shakes in the luggage, as I did. But be happy the Spark and vitamins are in your carry on!

2. Airport pedicures are a much-deserved luxury when you are going to be stuck in said airport for 36 hours!

3. Airports are a great place to find a good read and even a healthy dinner salad! More to come on this book! MAJOR fitness and life inspiration!

4. Traipsing around the airport helps you get lots of steps in! Score!

5. Even when you have no idea where your luggage is, you can find some cute things in the international terminal! Like this dress from Spain, only $60:

The back has a hand-stitched message: Say something nice!

6. God has a funny way of talking to you through other people. People who say something nice. 

I finally got a flight home today to Tallahassee and was seated next to a young man with Down’s syndrome. And as I sat there feeling unkempt, desperately in need of a shower and shampoo, he had nothing but unfiltered “nice” for me.

Lol, like unabashed nice.

Like maybe how God wishes we were with each other. Unfiltered kindness.

This is verbatim:

“My name is Adam. I think you are gorgeous. You are a very pretty girl. You have wonderful eyes. Do you have a boyfriend? I like you a lot….You are pretty, wonderful, beautiful and kind and the most pretty girl I know…Am I making you smile?”

Yes, smiling. And listening, God.

Whatever life throws at you, keep smiling.

Turn scratchy napkins into a flower like the one Adam made me and called “a red rose.”

And remember that in His eyes, we are all “wonderful, beautiful and kind.”

Now excuse me while I go take the best shower ever and spend some quality time with this guy:

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